Ooples and Banoonoos

Hey everybody!

This is marooncoffee, I also go by Anna.

For years I struggled with body image. I have a big bone structure, I’m REALLY TALL, I have a bit of a belly and WIIIDE hips. And I was just like a lot of you, I hated my figure. At one point I starved myself because I thought I wasn’t good enough, but those days are over.

For the past couple months since being on Tumblr I’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing love and support that people have on here, not just for curvy people, but for EVERY shape and size, thick or thin, plump or petite, and everywhere in between.

I have hope one day that the world will be a better place because of people like YOU!

Anyways, this is me! I’m finally confident enough to post pictures of what I look like. I can finally say I love my body. There are so many wonderful aspects about it that I finally notice now that I don’t hate it. I’m not going to hide under sweaters or baggy pants anymore. I’m going to flatter my figure because it deserves to be flattered!

I don’t have the best exercising habits, but even if I lost or gained ten pounds, even if I stay the same, no matter what happens to my body, I am still beautiful. And so are all of you!

God gave each of us wonderful a wonderfully unique body and spirit so that everyone wouldn’t look the same. Society tries to tell us that only a few of them are beautiful. Forget that. Appreciate and love everyone equally.

God bless <3 

(PS sorry for terrible quality webcam photos aaaaugh)

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